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Best Belt Size For Your Waist Chart – What Experts Say You Need

    Maybe you are thinking about which belt you need. The best belt size is always the one that fits your waist perfectly. So a belt is not a one-size-fits-all kind of accessory. It needs to be tailored to your body. Therefore, in this article you find a complete belt size chart in cm and inches for men, women, boys and girls. Furthermore, you will get an explanation how they are measured. For example, does it include the buckle? Last but not least, you will get some extra tips to make the right decision.

    Get The Best Belt Size in CM and Inches for Your Waist

    Now let’s look at the complet belt size chart first. You will discover all dimensions in cm and inches, because they differ in the US, EU and the UK. Below the chart we are happy to advise which belt goes with your waistline.

    How is the belt size measured?

    Before we look at the tables, you need to know the explanation of belt sizes. The belt size is measured from the beginning of the belt, where the buckle touches the belt, to the center hole. So you get about 15 cm (6 inch) extra belt. That’s from the center hole to the end of the strap.

    how to measure best belt size chart
    How to measure belt size © Sizelist

    Does belt size include the buckle? No, the buckle is not included in the belt size. Because the buckle can differ per style. Furthermore, it hardly gives you extra length. So this is good to know if you want to measure a belt to determine the dimensions.

    But why is a belt measured from the middle hole? Because experts say that the middle hole is the most comfortable to wear a belt. The other holes therefore provide extra space for the future. However, if you are measuring an existing belt, measure it to the hole you currently use the most.

    Complete belt size chart for men, women and kids

    Waist in inchesWaist in CMBelt size in CMBelt size in Inch
    23 – 24 inch50 – 61 cm66 cm26 inch
    25 – 26 inch61 – 66 cm72 cm28 inch
    27 – 28 inch67 – 72 cm77 cm30 inch
    29 – 30 inch73 – 77 cm82 cm32 inch
    31 – 32 inch78 – 82 cm87 cm34 inch
    33 – 34 inch83 – 87 cm92 cm36 inch
    35 – 36 inch88 – 92 cm97 cm38 inch
    37 – 38 inch93 – 97 cm102 cm40 inch
    39 – 40 inch98 – 102 cm107 cm42 inch
    41 – 42 inch103 – 107 cm112 cm44 inch
    43 – 44 inch108 – 112 cm117 cm46 inch
    45 – 46 inch113 – 117 cm122 cm48 inch
    47 – 48 inch118 – 122 cm127 cm50 inch

    XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL belt size

    Women belt typeBelt InchesBelt CMWaistline
    XS26 inch67 cm24 inch (61 cm)
    XS28 inch72 cm26 inch (66 cm)
    S30 inch77 cm28 inch (72 cm)
    S32 inch82 cm30 inch (77 cm)
    M34 inch87 cm32 inch (82 cm)
    M36 inch92 cm34 inch (87 cm)
    L38 inch97 cm36 inch (92 cm)
    L40 inch102 cm38 inch (97 cm)
    XL42 inch107 cm40 inch (102 cm)
    XXL44 inch112 cm42 inch (107 cm)
    XXXL46 inch117 cm44 inch (112 cm)
    Men belt typeBelt InchesBelt CMWaistline
    XXXS28 inch72 cm26 inch (66 cm)
    XXS30 inch77 cm28 inch (72 cm)
    XS32 inch82 cm30 inch (77 cm)
    S34 inch87 cm32 inch (82 cm)
    M36 inch92 cm34 inch (87 cm)
    M38 inch97 cm36 inch (92 cm)
    L40 inch102 cm38 inch (97 cm)
    L42 inch107 cm40 inch (102 cm)
    XL44 inch112 cm42 inch (107 cm)
    XL46 inch117 cm44 inch (112 cm)
    XXL48 inch122 cm46 inch (117 cm)
    XXL50 inch127 cm48 inch (122 cm)
    how to measure belt size

    How to Measure Your Waist and Wear a Comfortable Belt

    Now let’s find the right one for you that is comfortable. As you don’t want a belt that is too long or too short. There are three ways you can do this:

    1. Wearing your favorite jeans
    2. Measuring an existing belt
    3. Measuring your waistline

    Please note: if you don’t have a tape measure, you can also use a piece of string and a ruler.

    1. Wearing your favorite jeans

    The easiest way to measure the right waistline is by putting on your favorite jeans.

    • Make sure it fits comfortable, so in the correct position of the body wherever you will wear the belt.
    • Pass the measuring tape through the loops of the pants.
    • Add 2 inches (5 cm) to this or use the table above to find the right length.

    So belt size and pant size are not the same. It is best to add 2 inches. In this way you give yourself some extra space to comfortably wear the accessory.

    2. Measure an existing belt

    • Unroll an existing belt on a flat surface, such as a table.
    • Measure from the beginning of the buckle to the hole in the belt you are using now.
    • Use the table above to find the best length.

    3. Measuring your waistline without pants

    • Stand up straight.
    • Measure the part where the belt will fit.
    • Add an extra inch (5 cm) to this, because this is where the pants come in after all.
    • Use the table above to find the best belt size.
    best belt size chart

    How to Find the Right Width Of A Belt

    You have now discovered how to determine the length of your belt. But what width should your belt be? It is a simple accessory that can make an outfit look more polished. This question is often debated among fashion enthusiasts. The answer depends on your personal preference, the type of pants you wear, and the width of the belt buckle. Many people also like it if it matches the style of your shoes and, for example, the watch strap.

    A thin, narrow belt is usually between 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 3.8 cm) width and gives a luxurious look. A standard belt for men is usually between 1.5 and 1.75 inches wide (3.8 to 4.5 cm). The look becomes more and more casual as the belt gets wider.

    Discover more fashion sizes and reduce the number of returns from your online purchases. If you found this article interesting, please share it or go to the homepage and stay for a few more seconds. Thank you!