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Best Head Scarf Size For You – The Ultimate Overview & Guide

    In this guide you will find the perfect headscarf size for your needs. If you’re not sure what size will work best, our head scarf size chart can be a helpful tool. We have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible and we hope that you find it useful. So if you are looking for a headscarf size chart, this is the right place! We have created a list of different head scarf sizes and their corresponding measurements.

    You will also find a detailed explanation of how to measure your head for a perfect fit. We want to make sure that you have the right information before making a purchase. That is why we have provided this guide and chart to help you find the perfect fit.

    How to Find Your Head Scarf Size Quickly, Easily and Accurately

    First you can look at the head scarf dimensions overview. Than you willl discover how to measure your scarf size. The most popular size for a head scarf is square, which is about 24 inches by 24 inches. Furthermore, we will answer some frequent asked questions.

    What are the Different Head Scarf Sizes

    Exact sizes may vary by brand and designer. In general, these are the average head scarf sizes. The standard head scarf is 22 x 22 inches, while the standard rectangle scarf is 22 x 72 inches.

    TypeSize in inchesSize in cm
    17.7 x 17.7 inches45 x 45 cm
    19.7 x 19.7 inches50 x 50 cm
    Mini scarf22 x 22 inches56 x 56 cm
    25 x 25 inches64 x 64 cm
    Midi scarf36 x 36 inches91 x 91 cm
    44 x 44 inches112 x 112 cm
    Maxi scarf47 x 47 inches120 x 120 cm
    51 x 51 inches130 x 130 cm
    Oversized55 x 55 inches140 x 140 cm

    Below you get an overview of the standard oblong scarf sizes.

    TypeSize in inchesSize in cm
    6 x 24 inches15 x 61 cm
    8 x 54 inches20 x 137 cm
    11 x 48 inches28 x 122 cm
    11 x 60 inches28 x 152 cm
    12 x 60 inches30 x 152 cm
    Shawl15 x 60 inches38 x 152 cm
    Shawl14 x 72 inches36 x 183 cm
    Stole22 x 72 inches56 x 183 cm
    Stole27 x 70 inches69 x 178 cm
    Stole28 x 78 inches71 x 198 cm
    Wrap36 x 80 inches91 x 203 cm
    Wrap44 x 72 inches112 x 183 cm
    Throw50 x 72 inches127 x 183 cm
    Throw58 x 108 inches147 x 274 cm

    How do you know which type suit you best?

    The perfect scarf depends on the use. That is why we first give an indication of the different types below. Then you can calculate what suits you.

    Bandanas & Neckerchiefs – Great if you want to wear your scarf around your neck or as a hair knot. The average size is 22 x 22 inches ( 56 x 56 cm). So square and in most cases made of cotton.

    Stole – This is the most famous scarf shape. A rectangle that is significantly longer than it is wide. You can also cover your arms and shoulders with this. Stoles are typically 20 to 30 inches wide to 68 to 74 inches long. Furthermore, thy are made from light materials such as silk and chiffon.

    Shawls – In terms of size, this falls in between the Bandana and the Stole. It can be a large maxi scarf and then folded as rectangle. On average the length is 1 to 1.5 times the width.

    Wrap scarf – The name says it all. A large scarf that you can wrap yourself in. The size is generally twice the length of the width. This one is also often used to wrap around the head several times.

    Throw – This scarf is at least 50 inches (127 cm) wide. Great for a cozy look and warm in the winter when it is made of wool.

    throw scarf style example

    More inspiration to tie a head scarf for summer.

    How to Measure Your Head Scarf Size

    Head scarf sizes can be confusing, because there are many options to tie them. Luckily, your head size is always a reliable basis. Here are some tips to help you find the right size for you.

    how to measure head scarf size chart
    • Measure around your head just above the ears and across the forehead. You can also measure your head from the forehead to just above where you want the scarf to sit on your neck (usually at the base of your throat).
    • The size of a scarf is determined by adding 2 inches (5 cm) to this measurement. For example, if your head measures 22 inches around, then your scarf size would be 24 inches long. If your head measures 18 inches around, then your scarf size would be 20 inches long.
    • When measuring for a hijab or niqab, it’s important to measure from the top of your hairline over the crown of your head and down to where you want the end of the hijab or niqab to fall on your chest area (usually about two inches above the neckline of your shirt).

    How wide is a head scarf normally?

    A standard head scarf is normally 22 inch (55 cm) to 36 inch (91 cm) wide. Hereby, the length may differ, but he is usally square. You also have scarves that you wrap around your head several times. Whereby, the size differs from the table above. For example, 40 x 72 inches (classic) or 28 x 70 inches (bigger flow head wrap).

    Headscarf vs Bandana – What’s the difference?

    The main difference is that a headscarf is more of an a square piece of material worn to cover the hair, or for religious reasons. A bandana is typically used more as a head covering or a neckerchief. Both use the same head size measurements to find the perfect fit. Usually a bandana is 22 inches (55 cm). This is smaller than the headscarf.

    Read more about fashion sizes if you like. Please feel free to share this article, thanks!