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Best Bow Tie Size – Everything You Should Know About Different Types

    As a fashion accessory, bow ties come in a variety of sizes and styles. But how do you know which size is right for you? Here’s everything you need to know about finding the perfect fit.

    Best bow tie size for your body type

    First, it’s important to note the normal size of a bow tie. The length is 4.5 inch (11.5 cm) and the width is 2.5 inch (6.5 cm) on average. Furthermore, there are also slim, skinny, and oversized options available. For example, for those who prefer a more modern look or want to make a statement.

    When it comes to finding the right size for your own personal style and body type, it’s all about proportion. If you have a larger build or broad shoulders, an oversized bow tie may be the way to go. On the other hand, a slim or skinny option might work better for those with slimmer builds or shorter necks.

    When trying on bow ties, adjust them so they sit comfortably in the middle of your collar. In addition, make sure there is an equal amount of fabric on either side. Also, don’t be afraid to try out different sizes. You never know what might surprise you and enhance your overall look! Whether you choose a classic or bold size for your bow tie, rock it with confidence. It will add some extra flair to your outfit.

    Bow tie size chart

    Bow tie sizing compared to neck size

    When it comes to finding the right size bow tie (self-tied), it’s important to first measure your neck size. To do this, grab a measuring tape. Then wrap it around the base of your neck, where your shirt collar would sit. This measurement will determine your neck size. For example, it will be 14, 20 or 24 inch.

    Neck sizeTotal bow tie lengthSize type
    14 – 15 inch36 inch (91 cm)Small
    15 – 17 inch38 inch (96 cm)Medium
    17 – 19 inch40 inch (101 cm)Large
    19 – 21 inch42 inch (106 cm)Extra large

    So there are also larger sizes available for individuals with a larger neck circumference or personal preference. It is important to measure and try on different sizes to ensure a proper fit.

    In addition, some bow ties may have adjustable straps for a customizable fit. When wearing a bow tie, it should sit comfortably at the collar and not be too tight or too loose. Your neck size is also important for neckties sizes.

    What is the standard size of a bow tie?

    The standard size of a bow tie is approximately 4.5 inches in length. The width of slim style typically range from 2.5 inches to 3 inches. Furthermore, wider options can measure up to 4 inches or more in width at the widest point of the knot.

    bow tie size chart length width

    Keep this in mind

    Keep in mind that the size may vary slightly between brands and styles. Therefore, it is helpful to try on or measure a few different options before making a purchase. When in doubt, err on the side of a slightly larger size. Because it can always be adjusted to fit smaller. However, a too-small bow tie cannot be made bigger.

    Properly sized and fitted, a bow tie should sit comfortably at the base of the neck without constricting or feeling tight.

    Bow tie size for kids

    Bow tie for kids is a stylish and cute accessory for children to wear at formal events. Made with durable materials, these bow ties are perfect for active kids who may not be as gentle with their clothing.

    Kids chart

    AgeNeck sizeSize typeBow width
    0 – 15 – 8 inchSmall3 inch (7.5 cm)
    1 – 68 – 10 inchMedium3.5 inch (8.5 cm)
    6 – 1210 – 12 inchLarge4 inch (10 cm)
    12 – 1412 – 15 inchExtra large4.5 inch (11.5 cm)

    Bow tie styles for kids

    Available in a variety of colors and patterns, there is sure to be a bow tie that suits every child’s unique style. Not only do these bow ties add a touch of class to any outfit, they also help teach kids the importance of dressing appropriately for certain occasions. So dress your little one up in a kid’s bow tie and watch them steal the show!

    bow tie kids

    One popular type of bow tie for kids is the pre-tied style. This type features an adjustable strap that fits comfortably around the neck and a fixed bow, making it easy for children to wear and giving them a polished, put-together look.

    Another option for kids is the self-tie bow tie, which allows them to practice and perfect the art of tying a bow tie on their own. This style also typically features adjustable sizing.

    When it comes to size, kids’ bow ties generally range from extra small to medium. Extra small is typically suitable for toddlers and young children, while medium is better for older kids and pre-teens. It’s important to measure your child’s neck sizing before purchasing a bow tie to ensure the best fit.

    Overall, kids’ bow ties are a fun and fashionable addition to any child’s wardrobe. Whether opting for the classic pre-tied style or the self-tie option, these bow ties can add a touch of sophistication and polish to any outfit.

    What’s the difference between Self-Tied, Pre-Tied And Clip-On

    When it comes to bow ties, there are three main options: self-tied, pre-tied, and clip-on.
    Self-tied bow ties require the wearer to know how to tie a proper bow tie themselves, giving a more personalized and stylish look.

    Pre-tied bow ties come already tied, making them a convenient option for those who may not know how to tie themselves. Clip-on bow ties simply clip onto the collar of a shirt, requiring no tying at all.

    The choice of which type of bow tie to wear comes down to personal preference and the occasion. Self-tied bow ties are generally seen as the most stylish and sophisticated option, making them a good choice for formal events. Pre-tied and clip-on bow ties may be more practical for casual or everyday wear.

    No matter which type you choose, a well-chosen and properly styled bow tie can add a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit. So go ahead and experiment with different types to find the one that suits you best.

    It is also important to note that there are two main types of bow ties: pre-tied and self-tie. Pre-tied bow ties come already formed in a fixed shape and size, making them easier to wear.

    Self-tie bow ties require the wearer to manually tie the fabric into a bow shape, allowing for more customization and personal style. The best size and type of bow tie is a matter of individual preference and style.

    Can you wear a bow tie with any shirt?

    A bow tie can be worn with any shirt, but it is typically considered more appropriate for formal or semi-formal events. It can add a touch of sophistication and class to an outfit, making it a great choice for events such as weddings, work parties, or black tie affairs.

    However, wearing a bow tie with a casual shirt, such as a t-shirt or plaid button down, can also add an element of quirkiness and playfulness to the outfit.

    Ultimately, the decision to wear a bow tie with any shirt is up to personal preference and the desired aesthetic. Just remember to always tie the bow tie neatly and evenly for a polished look.

    Last but not least, when selecting a bow tie, it is also important to consider the material and pattern. Common materials include silk, cotton, and polyester, each with their own pros and cons.

    The pattern or design of the bow tie can range from solid colors to plaids and prints. Selecting a bow tie should be based on personal style and preference.

    bow tie style

    The most popular bow tie shapes

    There are four main shapes of bow ties: the butterfly, batwing, diamond point, and thistle.
    The butterfly shape, also known as the “traditional” or “classic” shape, features evenly proportioned wings and a small knot.

    The batwing shape has wider wings and a larger knot.

    The diamond point features pointed wings and a narrow knot, while the thistle shape has asymmetrical wings and a small knot.

    When choosing a bow tie shape, it is important to consider the size and proportions of your face as well as the formality of the occasion.

    For a more formal event, the classic butterfly or diamond point shapes are a safe choice, while the batwing or thistle shapes can add some visual interest to a more casual look.
    The most important thing is to choose a shape that you feel confident and comfortable wearing.

    Experiment with different styles to find the one that suits you best. Don’t be afraid to try something unexpected – a stylish and well-fitted bow tie can make a statement and set you apart from the crowd.

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