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Winter Earmuffs and Ear warmer Sizes Table and Differences

    In this blog post we look at the sizes of earmuffs and earwarmers. We also give more tips for measuring and the difference between these two options to keep your ears warm this winter.

    Size table earmuffs for winter

    Earmuff sizeEar size in cmEar size in inchesFits
    S4 – 5 cm1.5 – 2 inchKids
    M5 – 7 cm2 – 2.75 inchMost women
    L7 – 9 cm2.75 – 3.5 inchMost men

    Bandless earmuffs for winter are coming in S, M and L

    For the sizes of these bandless ear warmers, it is extra important to check the height of the ear. If the ear is too small, the earmuff for winter will come off quickly. So it is wise to measure the size of the ear from the top to the earlobe. Children and small women will usually choose size S. Most women and young men will choose size M. Last but not least, most men will go for size L.

    bandless earmuffs size

    Earwarmer sizes

    The same applies to the winter earmuffs with a band. Pay close attention to the size in the description of the product, because some can be really big. In addition, it is important to see if the band is adjustable.

    winter earwarmers size

    Measure ear-to-ear size

    Isn’t this the case? Then check what your ear-to-ear size is. This is easiest to measure with a measuring tape from the middle of one ear, over the head to the other ear. The image below gives a better idea. You can also do it with a piece of string and then lay it along a ruler.

    ear-to-ear size
    Earwarmer sizeEar-to-ear size in cmEar-to-ear size in inches
    S34 – 36 cm13.5 – 14 inch
    M37 – 40 cm14 – 15.5 inch
    L41 – 43 cm15.5 – 17 inch

    Headband for winter size

    The perfect size of headband is 1 inch (2 cm) smaller than your head circumference. View the average size per age below.

    AgeHead circumference in cmHead circumference in inchHeadband size in cmHeadband size in inch
    0 – 3 months38 cm15 inch36 cm14 inch
    3 – 6 months40 cm16 inch38 cm15 inch
    6 – 12 months43 cm17 inch41 cm16 inch
    1 – 3 years45 cm18 inch43 cm17 inch
    4 – 12 years48 cm19 inch46 cm18 inch
    teen50 cm20 inch48 cm19 inch
    Small adult53 cm21 inch51 cm20 inch
    Medium adult55 cm22 inch53 cm21 inch
    Large adult58 cm23 inch56 cm22 inch
    XL adult60 cm24 inch58 cm23 inch
    headband warmer size

    This is a nice alternative to a beanie or hat during winter.