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What Styles and Sizes do Umbrellas Come in?

    In this article we look at the right umbrella size and style for your needs. For example, what is the best size for two persons or of a transparent wedding? Discover different styles as well. You could think about the windproof umbrellas or the right size to take on a plane.

    How to measure umbrella dimensions

    First discover the different parts of the umbrella and how to measure the dimensions.

    how to umbrella size measurement dimensions chart table

    ARC: This measurement is used in the US as an umbrella size. We also use this in the tables below. You measure this at the top from one side to the other.

    Radius: The radius is often used in other countries to indicate measurement and is half the Arc size.

    Length: Is the stick length of the product including the handle.

    Diameter: This is also a good indication of the size of the umbrella. It is measured at the bottom from one side to the other.

    Different umbrella sizes and styles that fit your needs

    Rain and sunshades have numerous styles. For kids, women, men’s, golf, beach, patio, clear and inverted types. Every variety of this rain and sunshade comes in its own typical and customary proportions. The specifics of the umbrella sizes you require are supplied down below.

    Small ones for kids

    Small umbrella size (kids)RadiusDiameter
    11 inch28 cm50 cm
    13 inch33 cm59 cm
    14 inch36 cm64 cm
    15.5 inch39,9 cm70 cm
    17 inch43.5 cm77.5 cm
    19 inch48.5 cm86.5 cm

    Standard umbrella size

    If you are shopping off the shelf, you need to be aware of the typical dimensions of a common umbrella. Even though the size in question may vary depending on its purpose, conventional measurements are almost always the best option when purchasing a rain umbrella. The diameter of a rain umbrella can range anywhere from 21 to 25 inches (53 – 63 cm), depending on the style. The common ones are often shorter than 30 inches (76 cm). This way you are well covered and it is still comfortable to hold.

    Normal umbrella size (Adult)RadiusDiameter
    21 inch53.5 cm95 cm
    23 inch58.5 cm102 cm
    25 inch63.5 cm114 cm

    Best dimensions for two persons

    Knowing the dimensions is crucial, as they’ll indicate whether or not the item is adequate for your needs. When trying to determine an umbrella’s usefulness, it can be helpful to know its diameter as well as its length.

    A rain umbrella with a radius size of fewer than 23 inches will be able to shield one person from the elements of the rain successfully. Anything greater than 23 inches is meant for more than one person.

    The ARC size of a stick rain umbrella can range from 32 inches to 34 inches, 38 inches to 42 inches, 46 inches to 50 inches, 50 inches to 54 inches, 60 inches to 62 inches, 68 inches to 72 inches, and even 72 inches.

    Nevertheless, the ARC size of a foldable rain umbrella can range anywhere from 41 inches to 42 inches, 44 inches to 46 inches, and even 56 inches.

    Best size of a windproof model

    When it comes to selecting a windproof umbrella, size is an extremely important factor. They can be found in a wide variety of forms and dimensions.

    In years gone by, the standard for market-ready umbrellas was a diameter of between 40 and 48 inches for a windproof model. These have been replaced with choices that measure an astonishing 68 inches. The best protection from the wind and rain is provided by models with a diameter of 38 inches or less.

    Size of umbrella to take on a plane

    You should know right off the get that each airline has its own special set of rules and regulations; as a result, it is highly recommended that you check the websites of both your airport and airline or call the customer support contact number.

    Umbrellas are one type of item that an airport or airline might view as posing a hazard to their security. As a general rule, the maximum length of an umbrella should not be longer than 50 to 55 cm (this length may differ for each airline).

    Umbrellas that fold up into shorter lengths are the only kind that is permitted, notwithstanding their lack of utility. It is suggested that you use only these types of umbrellas if at all feasible, as they are the most functional.

    However, there are always ways around the rules! If your type has visible external flaws (broken protruding knitting needles, etc.), then the personnel of the airline or the airport may not let you board the plane.

    Transparent umbrella size for wedding

    This wedding umbrella exudes a romantic air because of the see-through cover it has. The design, which has a subtle sense of humor, is suggestive of raindrops rising to the surface of the water.

    Clear wedding umbrellas of the typical size should have a diameter of 136 cm in order to enclose two people perfectly. The ideal length for a wedding umbrella is 100 cm. Its proportions will make it both practical and fashionable at the same time.

    transparent umbrella wedding with lights

    Size of a golf umbrella

    There is a variety of sizes available for golf umbrellas. They begin at 26 inches but can reach up to 34 inches in length. When compared to a “regular” one, which typically measures between 21 and 25 inches in length, this is a very impressive feat. Standard lengths range from just 21 to 25 inches.

    Because of the longer length of the ribs, both the golfer and his equipment are shielded from the weather while they are playing.

    Some people have the misconception that a golf umbrella is cumbersome or difficult to use on the green since it is significantly larger than a standard model.

    The shaft of a golf umbrella is typically composed of fiberglass, which results in the product being both lightweight and comfortable to use, despite its much bigger size. It also protects the umbrella from being damaged by lightning, which is a significant advantage.

    Golf umbrella sizeRadiusDiameter
    27 inch68.5 cm120 cm
    29 inch73.5 cm130 cm
    30 inch76 cm132 cm
    32 inch81 cm136 cm
    34 inch86 cm148 cm

    Difference between golf and a regular umbrella

    Even while conventional umbrellas may be found in a variety of sizes, the majority of them are just big enough to shield you and your body from the rain. This means that your bags and other belongings will most likely be wet. Golf umbrellas were developed to circumvent this problem; some models are spacious enough to comfortably shade a group of people or, at the very least, just one person and their belongings.

    It is possible to get golf umbrellas that are up to thirty percent larger than regular umbrellas. Typically, this is measured by the rib, which refers to the length of the arc that the product creates. The length of a golf umbrella’s rib can range anywhere from two to three feet, while the overall circumference can be at least five feet in width.

    Big designs for on a beach

    For your reference also a table of all sizes of a beach umbrella below.

    Size for on a beachRadiusDiameter
    36 inch92 cm195 cm
    40 inch102 cm205 cm
    46 inch117 cm215 cm
    48 inch122 cm220 cm
    52 inch132 cm230 cm
    56 inch142 cm240 cm
    58 inch152 cm250 cm

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