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Anklet Size Chart For Women and Men Ankle Bracelet

    The best ankle size for anklet bracelets dependent on the style. That is why in this article we look at the different types and sizes of anklets to fit your ankle. So, discover the complete anklet size chart below. Finally, find out how to measure your size.

    Best anklet size for women and men to find the perfect length

    In this post we will look at:

    Anklet size table for women and men

    The average anklet size is 9 inches (22,5 CM). However, the best circumference of your ankle bracelet depends on several factors. That is why we make a distinction, for example, whether you prefer to wear the ankle strap loose or tight.

    If you want a tight ankle bracelet, we recommend adding 0.5 inch (1 cm) to the ankle size. However, people add 0.75 inches (2 cm) by default to select their length. If you would like a separate ankle bracelet, add 1.25 inch (3 cm) to the size of your ankle. This is very similar to choosing a bracelet size.

    Men and women anklet size in inches

    Ankle size in InchAnklet size – TightAnklet size – ExactAnklet size – Loose
    7 inch7.5 inch7.75 inch8.25 inch
    7.5 inch8 inch8.25 inch8.75 inch
    8 inch8.5 inch8.75 inch9.25 inch
    8.5 inch9 inch9.25 inch9.75 inch
    9 inch9.5 inch9.75 inch10.25 inch
    9.5 inch10 inch10.25 inch10.75 inch
    10 inch10.5 inch10.75 inch11.25 inch
    10.5 inch11 inch11.25 inch11.75 inch
    11 inch11.5 inch11.75 inch12.25 inch
    11.5 inch12 inch12.25 inch12.75 inch
    12 inch12.5 inch12.75 inch13.25 inch

    Best ankle bracelet size in CM

    Ankle size in CMAnklet size – TightAnklet size – ExactAnklet size – Loose
    18 cm19 cm20 cm21 cm
    19 cm20 cm21 cm22 cm
    20 cm21 cm22 cm23 cm
    21 cm22 cm23 cm24 cm
    22 cm23 cm24 cm25 cm
    23 cm24 cm25 cm26 cm
    24 cm25 cm26 cm27 cm
    25 cm26 cm27 cm28 cm
    26 cm27 cm28 cm29 cm
    27 cm28 cm29 cm30 cm
    28 cm29 cm30 cm31 cm

    Anklet length chart for baby and child

    For babies and children we use a different ratio to measure the size of the anklet. For babies up to 12 months you can do the ankle size plus 1 cm (0.4 inch) to calculate the right length.

    Furthermore, this is slightly larger for children from 1 to 2 years. You can add 1.5 cm (0.59 inch) to their circumference. Let’s look at the full chart below.

    Kids and baby anklet size in CM and Inch

    AgeAnklet size in CMAnklet size in Inch
    0 – 6 months (small)13 cm5.25 inch
    0 – 6 months (normal)14 cm5.50 inch
    6 – 12 months15 cm6 inch
    1 – 3 years16.5 cm6.5 inch
    3 – 6 years18 cm7 inch
    7+ years19 cm7.5 inch

    Ankle bracelet sizing types

    Measurement types, such as S, M, L and XL give a broad indication of the size. However, try to look at the size in CM or Inches in the first place. Because this measurment can often differ per company.

    Bracelet sizingAnklet size in inchAnklet size in CM
    XXS5 – 7 inch13 – 18 cm
    XS7 – 8 inch18 – 20 cm
    S8 – 9 inch20 – 22,5 cm
    M9 – 10 inch22,5 – 25 cm
    L10 – 11 inch25 – 27,5 cm
    XL11 – 12 inch27,5 – 30 cm
    XXL12 – 13 inch30 – 32,5 cm

    How to measure your ankle circumference

    The best place to measure your ankle is just above the lump. Your ankle size can differ depending on your height, weight and age. I will add the 3 steps to measure your ankle here below.

    Step 1: Measure the size of your ankle

    measure ankle bracelet

    You can use a tape measure or a string and ruler.

    measure anklet size with string and ruler

    Step 2: Measure the string with a ruler

    string and ruler measurement example

    Step 3: Find in the table above your perfect dimensions!

    Tips to measure the best anklet length

    • Place your foot flat on the floor.
    • On the border between two sizes? Choose a size bigger, because usually there is also an extender option.
    • If you measure on a hot summer day, the circumference may be thicker than in winter.

    Now enjoy your favorite anklet! You can also learn more about other jewelry sizes.

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