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Bracelet Size For Wrist – Table Guide

    Fortunately, bracelets come in many different sizes. This way you can wear the perfect bracelet size for your wrist. In this article you will find a complete guide for men, women and kids, because the average size can sometimes differ. So in this way you are assured of the right size and purchase. Big and small wrists, Inches, CM and other different measurements. You name it.

    Furthermore, the length of a bracelet should depend on the wrist size and the type of bracelet. For bracelets that are designed to be worn as a choker, they should be shorter than bracelets that are designed to be worn as an armlet.

    Best bracelet size for wrist

    In this post we will look at:

    First let’s look at the size chart of bracelets for men, women and kids. Both in inch, cm and other sizes, such as XS, S, M, L and XL. Then you will discover how to measure your wrist and more tips to find the right bracelet.

    Bracelet size table for men and female wrist

    A men of female wrist size depends on age, height and weight. The average women’s wrist size is 6.5 inches or 16.5 centimeters and the average men’s wrist size is 7.25 inches or 18.5 centimeters.

    So what is the most ideal bracelet size? It depends on the type of bracelet and whether you want to wear it tight or loose. On average you add 2 cm to the wrist circumference (see table). For a tight bracelet you add 1 cm and for a loose bracelet you add 3 cm.

    Men and women bracelet size for wrist in CM and Inch

    Wrist size in CMWrist size in InchBracelet Size in CMBracelet Size in Inch
    12 cm4.7 Inch14 cm5.5 Inch
    13 cm5.1 Inch15 cm5.9 Inch
    14 cm5.5 Inch16 cm6.3 Inch
    15 cm5.9 Inch17 cm6.7 Inch
    16 cm6.3 Inch18 cm7.1 Inch
    17 cm6.7 Inch19 cm7.5 Inch
    18 cm7.1 Inch20 cm7.9 Inch
    19 cm7.5 Inch21 cm8.3 Inch
    20 cm7.9 Inch22 cm8.7 Inch
    21 cm8.3 Inch23 cm9.1 Inch
    22 cm8.7 Inch24 cm9.5 Inch
    23 cm9.1 Inch25 cm9.9 Inch
    24 cm9.5 Inch26 cm10.2 Inch

    Bracelet size chart for baby and kids wrist

    You can calculate a different ratio for children and babies. View the complete size table below. Here we have also shown averages. This is useful if you are not sure what size the child is, because you want to give the bracelet as a gift, for example.

    Kids and baby bracelet size for wrist in CM and Inch

    AgeBracelet sizeWrist bracelet ratio
    0 – 6 months9 – 11 cmwrist + 1 cm
    6 – 12 months10 – 12 cmwrist + 1 cm
    1 – 2 years12 – 14 cmwrist + 1.5 cm
    2 – 6 years14 – 16 cmwrist + 2 cm
    7+ years17 cmwrist + 2 cm

    Bracelet sizing types

    There are various measurement types. This sometimes varies by brand, so try to look at the size in CM or Inches in the first place.

    Bracelet sizingBracelet size in CMWrist circumference in CM
    XXS9 – 16 cm7 – 14 cm
    XS16 – 17 cm14 – 15 cm
    S17 – 18 cm15 – 16 cm
    M18 – 19 cm16 – 17 cm
    L19 – 20 cm17 – 18 cm
    XL20 – 22 cm18 – 19 cm
    XXL22+ cm19+ cm
    Bracelet sizingBracelet size in InchWrist circumference in Inch
    XXS3.5 – 6.3 inch2.8 – 5.5 inch
    XS6.3 – 6.7 inch5.5 – 5.9 inch
    S6.7 – 7.1 inch5.9 – 6.3 inch
    M7.1 – 7.5 inch6.3 – 6.7 inch
    L7.5 – 7.9 inch6.7 – 7.1 inch
    XL7.9 – 8.7 inch7.1 – 7.5 inch
    XXL8.7 + inch7.5+ inch

    How to measure the right circumference

    Let’s see how to easily measure your wrist circumference in 3 steps. At each step, we give some tips to get to the right length.

    Do you have a bracelet that fits well and where you can easily measure the length? Then you can quickly and easily determine your size by placing it along a ruler.

    1. Use a tape measure or string and ruler

    The best place to measure your wrist for a bracelet is just before the lump of your wrist. So between your fingers and the lump. Wrap the tape measure or string around this place on the wrist. Don’t do this too tight.

    wrist size measurement bracelet watch

    Do you use a string? Mark the point where the circle is round.

    Wrist circumference Inch CM bracelet watch measuring

    2. Note the size of your wrist

    Now place the string next to a ruler to measure the wrist circumference.

    string and ruler measurement example

    3. Define your bracelet size

    Your wrist size is not your bracelet size. It depends on how tight/loose you want the bracelet to be. Find the right length by adding 2 cm to the wrist circumference. However, for a tight bracelet you add 1 cm and for a loose bracelet you add 3 cm.

    Enjoy your favorite bracelet! You can also learn more about other jewelry sizes.

    If this post is helpful to you, please share it! Thank you!

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