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How to Clean Jewelry after Summer To make them Sparkle Again

    The summer season is a time of relaxation, fun and adventure. It is also a time when you can take extra care of your jewelry. Especially if jewelry is expensive, it is worth taking good care of. There is also often a higher humidity in the summer months and you do other activities. That’s why this article gives you some tips to clean jewelry and keep them looking good all summer. So how do you give your jewelry the necessary attention after this summer period? Read it below, so that your jewelry shines again this fall! First and foremost: just enjoy wearing your jewelry!

    Keeping jewelry clean – 4 factors influence

    1. The effect of sunlight on jewelry
    2. Jewelery and water – take a dip?
    3. Smell nice or keep jewelry beautiful?
    4. The jewel during summer sports

    1. The effect of sunlight on jewelry

    Heat has an effect on the shine and color of your jewelry, whether they are made of gold, silver or stainless steel. That’s why it’s best to store jewelry that you’re not wearing in a cool (and dry) place where no sunlight shines on it. Think of a beautiful jewelry box, for example. Some gemstones can also lose their color due to sunlight. Of course you want to avoid that. A day at the beach is of course wonderful, but store your jewelry temporarily.

    This also applies to watches. Did you know that the temperature under the watch glass can be many times warmer than the outside temperature? This allows, for example, a glued index (numbers or dashes) to come off more quickly.

    2. Jewelry and water – taking a deep dive?

    A cooling dip or shower is a pleasure in the summer. Your jewelry can handle this at first, but we still recommend taking it off. You have to be careful with chlorine in a swimming pool or salty seawater, because this will not keep your jewelry beautiful. It bites into the metal, causing jewelry to dull quickly. Especially if the jewelry already has some scratches, it is extra sensitive to this. Even diamonds can’t handle this well, despite being so strong. So has your jewelry been in contact with salt water or substances such as chlorine? Then wash the jewelry with fresh water and let it dry. This way you can keep jewelry beautiful for longer after a summer day.

    In addition, jewelry can also turn black. This is called oxidation. This is a sign that it is real silver and can fortunately be remedied with the tips at the bottom of this page.

    3. Smell nice or keep jewelry beautiful?

    Fortunately, you don’t have to choose and both are possible at the same time. However, it is important to know that perfume and sunscreen have an effect on the cleanliness of jewelry. This is because it contains substances that cause the material to discolour more quickly. Avoid contact with (sulphur-containing) substances as much as possible. How do you best deal with this? Put on the perfume or cream first, wait fifteen minutes and only then put on your jewelry. The same goes for aftersun, hairspray and make-up. In this way you will keep your jewelry clean.

    4. Jewelry during summer sports

    No jewelry is worn while practicing a sport. In the first place, this is important to prevent damage to the jewelry and other people. However, this also has an effect on keeping jewelry beautiful. Perspiration also affects the material of the jewelry. That is why it is recommended not to wear jewelry while running. Ultimately, it differs per skin what the acidity is and how clean jewelry remains.

    clean jewelry yourself after summer DIY

    How to clean jewelry yourself after the summer?

    Discover now how you can make jewelry clean again for the coming period. Make sure you do this carefully or visit a jeweller nearby.

    1. With jewelry cleaner

    The first option is to use jewelry cleaner. Specially designed for the delicate materials and metals used in jewelry, these cleaners will help keep your jewelry looking its best. For example, Hagerty is a brand that experts use.

    There are many different types of jewelry cleaners on the market, but they all work in the same way by dissolving dirt and grime on the surface of your jewelry. They are usually applied with a special cloth or spray bottle and then allowed to cure for a few minutes before rinsing with water or wiping dry with a soft cloth. Handle this carefully.

    2. Clean silver jewelry that has turned black

    Silver is a soft metal, meaning it can easily oxidize in the presence of heat, humidity and chemicals. When silver oxidizes, it changes color. If your silver jewelry has turned black, but you’re not sure if it’s oxidized or if the metal looks that way naturally, use a dry silver polishing cloth to buff it back to its original shine.

    3. With the daily dishes

    You can also easily degrease and clean jewelry with washing-up liquid. Just make sure the soap doesn’t contain chemicals. For example, organic green soap. A toothbrush can help you get to the hard-to-reach places. Handle this with care, because a piece of jewelry always remains delicate.

    4. Have it done by a jeweler

    A local jeweler often has professional equipment to clean your jewelry. Contact them in your area to discover the possibilities.

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